Mini Projector – VP-508

Mini Projector – VP-508

Suitable for Used as :

Home Theater | Office Meeting | Conference Hall | Class Room | Tuition Centre etc

Product description:

1. Built-in Android 4.4 System,
2. With WiFi features: can be wireless with WiFi screen phone.
3. It is support to play the USB flash storage files through USB interface.
4. 800×480 pixels resolution with brightness of 800 lumens.
5. Picture size can up to 20 – 80 inches.
6. With LED light source.
7. Support wide range power supply AC 110V-240V.
8. 1000:1 contrast ratio.
9. Input terminal: HDMI / VGA / AV /USB.
10. Output terminal: Headphone.
11. Projection model: Front projection.


Clara VisionProjector VP-508

1. Can project super large screen, support 1080p resolution video decoding.
2. Through the reflection principle of imaging, to avoid the direct light of ordinary television to the eye injury, more suitable for daily viewing, more health protection.
3. Can project the display content of laptop by HDMl/VGA, can also directly read the U disk and operate the Word/Excel/PPT file, making your work more leisurely and more handy.
4. High brightness, 1000:1 high contrast ratio, make the picture more clear and bright.
5. 60-120in super large projection screen, you can easily adjust the screen size according to the size of the wall at home, and feel the joy of being there.
6. Support manual focus and the ±15 Degree keystone correction, let you easily get a smooth projection screen every time.
7. Adopts highly transparent coated glass lens, good light transmission performance, stable color, restore the nature of clear picture quality and no soft focus.
8. Energy-saving and environment-friendly LED light source, more efficient and energy-saving, more durable in use.
9. Equipped with multi extension interface, you can easily connect external equipment for projection, no matter for entertainment or office.


Additional information

Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 11.4 × 7.5 × 4.3 in


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