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Brand new projector remote control, no programming, paring or setting is needed. Just put in new batteries (NOT Included), it will work reliably.

Supported projectors:

Sony VPL-CH350
Sony VPL-CH353
Sony VPL-CH355
Sony VPL-CH358
Sony VPL-CH370
Sony VPL-CH375
Sony VPL-CW256
Sony VPL-CW276
Sony VPL-CX236
Sony VPL-CX276
Sony VPL-DW120
Sony VPL-DW122
Sony VPL-DW125
Sony VPL-DW126
Sony VPL-DW127
Sony VPL-DX100
Sony VPL-DX102
Sony VPL-DX120
Sony VPL-DX122
Sony VPL-DX125
Sony VPL-DX126
Sony VPL-DX127
Sony VPL-DX140
Sony VPL-DX142
Sony VPL-DX145
Sony VPL-DX146
Sony VPL-DX147
Sony VPL-EW225
Sony VPL-EW226
Sony VPL-EW235
Sony VPL-EW245
Sony VPL-EW246
Sony VPL-EW255
Sony VPL-EW275
Sony VPL-EW276
Sony VPL-EW295
Sony VPL-EW315
Sony VPL-EW345
Sony VPL-EW348
Sony VPL-EW435
Sony VPL-EW455
Sony VPL-EW575
Sony VPL-EW578
Sony VPL-EX221
Sony VPL-EX222
Sony VPL-EX225
Sony VPL-EX226
Sony VPL-EX235
Sony VPL-EX241
Sony VPL-EX242
Sony VPL-EX245
Sony VPL-EX246
Sony VPL-EX255
Sony VPL-EX271
Sony VPL-EX272
Sony VPL-EX275
Sony VPL-EX276
Sony VPL-EX295
Sony VPL-EX315
Sony VPL-EX345
Sony VPL-EX430
Sony VPL-EX435
Sony VPL-EX450
Sony VPL-EX455
Sony VPL-EX570
Sony VPL-EX575
Sony VPL-PHZ10
Sony VPL-PWZ10
Sony VPL-SW526
Sony VPL-SW526C

Notice: Make sure there’s no obstacle between the remote control and projector when operating the device.

Warranty: Refund available within 30 days, replacement available within 365 days from order date.

Well responsive to every key press, ensuring the projector operates as expected without any hassle
A perfect replacement to your old or lost remote control; less cost with solid quality and better usage experience
Warranty as long as 12 months (From Date of Purchase); professional and nice customer service: messages will be replied by well-trained support team within 24 hours
Requires 2 AAA batteries (NOT Included); For use with Sony VPL-CH350, VPL-CH353, VPL-CH355, VPL-CH358, VPL-CH370, VPL-CH375, VPL-CW256, VPL-CW276, VPL-CX236, VPL-CX276, VPL-DW120, VPL-DW122, VPL-DW125, VPL-DW126, VPL-DW127, VPL-DX100, VPL-DX102, VPL-DX120, VPL-DX122, VPL-DX125, VPL-DX126, VPL-DX127, VPL-DX140, VPL-DX142, VPL-DX145, VPL-DX146, VPL-DX147, VPL-EW225, VPL-EW226, VPL-EW235, VPL-EW245, VPL-EW246, VPL-EW255, VPL-EW275, VPL-EW276, VPL-EW295, VPL-EW315, VPL-EW345 and more projectors


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