Price: ₹ 1,990.00 - ₹ 269.00
(as of Nov 08,2020 15:27:29 UTC – Details)

The DOMO nHance VRF3 is a VR headset that’s been cleverly designed to accept any smartphone which has upto 6″ LCD. It contains all the features of an expensive VR headset – be it an adjustable headstrap with tension locks, a magnet input button, a phone aligner, phone holder, phone access slots, sturdy materials or a funky rugged design.

the front flap is designed to hang on hinges, helping you to conveniently open and close as and when required. The back of the flap has a simple and efficient way to secure the phone when mounted – it has a piece of foam which holds the phone and at the same time allows minor tweaking for alignment. The locks of the flap is placed on the top and it is easy to open yet secure to protect the smartphone inside. The front flap is studded with random spots, giving it a rugged look – it can be easily replaced with flaps of other colour’s depending upon the users taste.

Theback side of the VRF3 is rugged and robust. This portion contains the magnet switch which is a combination of powerful Neodymium and Ferrite magnets, allowing users to conveniently interact with their phones. It also contains a collage of cardboard headsets on the sides – our way of giving tribute to where we were inspired from. There are three hooks, two on the sides and one in the centre – these hooks are for the headstraps. The insides of the headset is sandblasted and it contains two lenses inside which are easily removable and replaceable.

The headstrap contains three tension locks which makes it fully customizable according to users requirements. It is entirely built of elastic material and offers a perfect fit without causing strain on the face. You can easily remove and replace it as and when required. The back support on the headstrap is rubberised and offers an extra cushioning to balance head movements.

subject to compatibility

Disclaimer: Google Cardboard is the trademark of Google Inc.

DOMO VR headset Simple, rugged & stylish design. Features Magnetic input button, Removable and replaceable lenses, Sandblasted and polished Insides & have Perfect face adaptability and frame size.
Rubberised Backrest to reduce stress on face, VR Headset is super simple with easy phone placement and alignment, Three tension locks on headstrap which fit different face sizes.
Simple yet secure locking makes replacing phone easy, Removable and replaceable front cover – use different colours as required.
Scan QR code (in quick user guide) to adapt specifications of VRF3

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